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Adelaide Central Market (Adelaide Central Market) Practical Tips:

Le 15 juillet 2016, 07:11 dans Humeurs 0

1. Address: Central Market in Grote Street and Wall Street Songs rule (Gouger Street) between (Grote Street), close to Chinatown;
2, Hours: Tue 7: 00-15: 00 / Wed 9: 00-17: 30 / Thursday 9: 00-15: 00 / Fri 7: 00-21: 00 / Saturday 7:00 -15: 00; 3, if more people, you can advance to the "central market Daren" bald Mark Information, he led by visiting the market, delicious products;
4, pure personal recommendation to buy: South Australia specialty honey, Nanao characteristics soap, South Australia souvenirs, while organic fruit can be a little;
5, pure personal advice: slow down, set aside as a tourist, shopping, eating, drinking, as the locals like to feel the central market.
Wall painting "cycling Einstein" for the central market added a sort of joy.
In the central market, do not buy things you can, many young people simply to have a drink. Join them now.

Farmers market where we can see many

Le 29 mars 2016, 10:19 dans Humeurs 0

If the basic tourists wandering the streets, then, Mennonite people, not just the treasurer shop hair loss, and there are buyers, because there is a local Mennonite people living Procurement of goods.

Farmers Market is located in a huge two-story wooden building with more than 600 stores, the scale is not lost on the world's first known as the Toronto St. Lawrence market business center.

Trafficking something fresh fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products, homemade sausages, bacon, fruit pickles and other non-alcoholic wine, homemade cakes and desserts, but also as tourists have to pay a variety of local specialties handmade crafts tourism products. Not believe there is a cattle deal New Face Beauty Facial.

So-called youth scene

Le 3 mars 2016, 05:08 dans Humeurs 0

 Meet and get to know each other, separation atlantis v2, hatred. some melody, some stories, some feelings, in the mix color background, slowly crisscross. Bright-colored flower, finely turbulent, slowly curl up every piece of treasure in the past, infuse into the Murray, find a warm afternoon, the purple fengling CuiWei rattling in the wind, the draw a sagebrush scent of you and me.

Who touches my heart scar? Is the wind? Is the rain HKUE amec? Or wandering thoughts? The tangle of the missing, darkening the chill of early spring. Shattered memories, stretched out my sadness. The emotions of bitterness, knock in the messy words. The acacia tear fell in one thousand, a wet paper softly,, the flood of tears on my pale face... World April day, but live far apart yoga studio hong kong.

I once said: "not every encounter is met, not every move is only the heart know love, meet you, it takes only a minute to know you an hour, like you one day, while forgetting to end a lifetime of time to complete." So when the time of youth, to accompany each other come to an end, wave goodbye to complete the last, we need not sad, just remember the moments between the moving.


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