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4 Reasons Your Business Should Use a VPN Service

Le 13 November 2018, 09:01 dans Humeurs 0

VPN services may not work exactly like the VPNs just described, but they nevertheless can have significant positive impact on your company's overall data safety. Below, we have compiled a list of four important benefits a VPN service can provide, especially for small to midsize businesses (SMBs).

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1. Heightened Security. Even if your company has no need of site-to-site tunneling or formal remote access provisioning, you still likely have two important characteristics in common with larger businesses. First, you probably have resources in the cloud, whether it's data or business apps or both. And second, you probably have traveling or remote users. If your company has either or (more likely) both of these characteristics, then a VPN service can keep you more secure, without a big investment in data center-grade routing hardware. By deploying a VPN service to your users' devices, you're essentially creating a secure connection to whatever resource into which they're logging, whether it's files you have stored on Dropbox Business Opens a New Window. or apps you're providing via Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Opens a New Window. . While both of those services offer security measures of their own, adding a VPN connection on your end can only keep you and your business safer.

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2. Quick-and-Dirty Remote Access. In the aforementioned days of yore, IT pros would deploy VPN software to any user who needed to log into the data center from outside the office, be it from home or on the road. This is because all of the company's software was in that data center; not just data, but also all of its back-office apps. With the advent of web and cloud services, such as Google G Suite Business Opens a New Window. and Salesforce Sales Cloud Opens a New Window. , however, many companies (especially SMBs) have no need for a data center. Their apps are delivered via the cloud and their data is stored there, too. If you're in this scenario, then a personal VPN service lets your IT staff essentially deploy a secure remote access fabric without having to drop a dime on expensive networking gear. This is especially true if you take the time to select a VPN provider that will let your IT pros access the logging data accrued by their users. This way, your IT pros know not only who is using their VPNs but for what they're using them, just as they would with an entirely in-house VPN setup.

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3. Geo-Independence. If you have business travelers hitting countries with strict internet access laws (China comes to mind), then you may bump into situations in which your users are blocked from accessing corporate resources across the open internet, simply because the country in question is blocking access to that particular website or service. Provided your VPN service works in those areas (and they usually do), using one means your users will essentially be able to use the internet as though they're still in the United States, even if physically located in a less free country. This benefit may apply to only a small portion of SMBs but, for those who need it, it's crucial. This is one area, however, in which you'll want to be very familiar with your VPN provider's privacy and logging policies. VPN providers that keep thorough logs have a lot of information to give to authorities should those they come asking. On the other hand, VPN providers that don't keep thorough logs can limit your IT people from using the service like a larger organization would use a identity management Opens a New Window. system. You'll need to read the provider's policy carefully, and then sit down with your IT people and find the appropriate balance for your organization.

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4. Affordability. It sounds a little lame but, for SMBs that know they need to make their users and data safer but lack the deep tech budgets of larger organizations, investing in a VPN service account for every user can be one of the very best IT investments SMBs can make, next to implementing effective managed endpoint security Opens a New Window.  and using a reliable web hosting service Opens a New Window. . Many VPN services come in well below $10 per user per month when purchased using a business licensing plan. Considering that this paltry sum now means every user session gets protected by military-grade encryption of data in transit, secure authentication, and secure access to web apps and services, it's not hard to see the SMB value in VPNs.

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electronic identification tags

Le 2 November 2018, 09:07 dans Humeurs 0

  While the conversation isn't a new one for the livestock industry, Chelsea Good, Livestock Marketing Association vice president of government and industry affairs, said it is one that is experiencing a new level of interest and enthusiasm from the regulatory community as well as some segments within the beef production chain.

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  In Kansas, high-frequency tags are being tested as a part of the Cattle Trace project. Most tags used up to this point have been low frequency, the main difference, Good said, is the ability to detect information from a group of cattle at once rather than one at a time, potentially maintaining a level of efficiency, especially in an auction environment.

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  As part of the program, the tags are available to producers for $1 per tag, which is a subsidized price point for the purposes of the pilot program.

  The Cattle Traceability Working Group (CTWG) was born after the U.S. Department of Agriculture Listening Sessions and a wrap up meeting in 2017 with the purpose of gathering the thoughts of producers from all aspects of cattle production.

  Keeping in mind, the existing system for cattle traceability, Good said the CTWG has been active in determining what an ideal system might be to enhance the current system. The first goal of CTWG is to concentrate on older cattle for which identification is already a requirement, and improving this program. While there are feeder cattle being identified on a voluntary basis, the CTWG is not talking about adding feeder cattle to the mandatory program.

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  From a marketing perspective, Good said one concern to be addressed has been with whom the responsibility lies to identify individual animals, be it on the farm, at the first point of comingling, or farther down the production chain. For small producers who may market a few head at a time and may not be identifying those individuals on the farm, the cost of the tags and labor are borne by others, a potential cost that could be easily overlooked but is still significant.

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  Initial electronic identification conversations, she said, centered on adult animals and tracking the interstate movement of those mature animals, especially as electronic tags seem to be a logical next step in the USDA's recently announced goals of increased traceability.

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Can crabs and tomatoes be poisoned

Le 14 December 2017, 10:37 dans Humeurs 0

"A dish of crab, top table" in the folk proverbs, we can learn that crab is the taste of food. It is not only - the taste is crispy, but also nutritious, is a popular protein supplement. So what are the benefits of eating crabs? Can crabs and tomatoes be eaten together?

The benefits of eating crabs

1. Resist infection and promote wound healing

Crabs many protein is contained in and for the most part is given priority to with high quality protein, and these high quality protein also contains amino acids, can increase the lymphocyte immunity, promote wound healing, anti infection effect. After surgery or injured people can eat more crabs.

2. Detoxifying efficacy

Arginine can participate in the energy metabolism and detoxification work in vivo, and the right amount of crab can promote the energy balance of the body, which is good for the excretion of the toxin in the body. So constipation can eat more crab meat.

Eat crab must not excessive, because crab belongs to cold sex food, excessive consumption can affect intestines and stomach health, induce diarrhoea and so on symptom.

3. Prevention of tumor

Crabmeat contains A lot of nutrients, with the highest levels of vitamin A and vitamin E. These two vitamins protect the mucosal epithelium, softening blood vessels and anti-aging.

The crab also contains a large amount of selenium, which contains up to 56.7 micrograms per 100 grams of crab. The food containing selenium can improve the immunity of human body, still can prevent tumour, anticancer effect.

Can crabs and tomatoes be poisoned?

Actually crab is very delicious seafood, whenever see a bright red crabs on the table, will not consciously drooling, crab is very popular, but it is rumoured crabs can't eat with tomatoes, or it will cause nausea and vomiting, and even the phenomenon of poisoning, although is only a rumor, but we will still taboo they eat together.

But the truth is that within the experts also not enough evidence to prove that the phenomenon of crabs and tomatoes will share poisoning, just to verify the only after eating a huge amount of crabs, and then eat food contains a lot of VC element is likely to cause the phenomenon of poisoning, but even so, but in the human body can not happen chemical reaction? Although crab is containing large amounts of arsenic in the body, can become the arsenic with VC, and we all know that arsenic is a kind of poison, so easy to think together eat crabs and tomato will be generated arsenic, actually this even the experts are not sure, so don't think too absolutely.

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